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JEWEL is a Monte Carlo event generator simulating QCD jet evolution in heavy-ion collisions. It treats the interplay of QCD radiation and re-scattering in a medium with fully microscopic dynamics in a consistent perturbative framework with minimal assumptions.

JEWEL release 2.4.0

The new JEWEL version is now available.

JEWEL release 2.3.0

*** ATTENTION ***: The meaning of the parameter TI specifying the initial temperature changes: it is now the initial temperature in the center (x=y=0) of a central (b=0) collision (previously is was the initial temperature averaged over the transverse plane of a b=0 collision). THIS IS NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE! If you don't want to change your parameter settings, you can compile jewel-2.3.0 with the medium-simple.f file from the 2.2.0 release. Please also note that JEWEL has moved to LHAPDF6.

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