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Backgroud subtraction


The subtraction of thermal momentum components required when including recoil effects takes place in the analysis of the events. For a detailed documentation of the procedure please refer to the paper. An example Rivet analysis can be found here.

How to run the analysis

  • Download and install Rivet (make sure you have a Rivet 2.x.y release). Set up the environment: source /path/to/your/rivet/local/
  • First the analysis has to be compiled as a pugin to Rivet. rivet-buildplugin
  • Run JEWEL and store the hepmc events in a file, say test.hepmc. Then run the Rivet analysis: rivet --pwd -a JEWEL_BKGSUBTRACTION -H out.yoda test.hepmc The .yoda file contains the histograms in YODA format.
  • The analysis fills four histograms with the jet pT-spectrum, once un-subtracted and one for each subtraction method. To plot the histograms: rivet-mkhtml --mc-errs out.yoda This creates a directory plots containing a html page with the plots, which you can view by pointing your favourite browser at plots/index.html

For further information on writing Rivet analyses, formating your plots etc. please refer to the Rivet documentation. If you experience problems with this particular analysis, please contact Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli (